When I saw So You Think You Can Dance US season 1, I knew I wanted to know more about dance and explore the possibilities in my body.Being inspired by old school and seeing all these other different styles, I knew I wanted to understand them all while staying true to my own movement and style. I wondered how it would feel to be able to move on music and master all these different body languages. Being led by my curiousity, I came across with a preparatory dance course called 5’O’Clock at the Amsterdam School of Performing Arts. After following this course for a year I applied for the bachelor department of this academy and got accepted. The most beautiful thing about this experience is that I’ve got to learn a lot about myself as a performer and that I could touch people with dance. Realizing this, I knew I would never stop dancing. It’s a blessing to see people enjoy what I do.
And that goes the same with my clothing.